Scrapbooking Week in Review for June 4th to June 10th, 2007

The Scrapbooking Week In Review was on break for a few weeks but it is back and better than ever. See what has been happening in the past week over in Scrapbooking, and find great tips, techniques and information for any type of scrapbooker. Please visit the scrapbooking blog this week for more terrific articles and how to’s to help your scrapbooking soar to new levels.

Monday June 4th

Crave ideas? Need them wherever you go? Are you one of those scrapbookers that never seems to have enough inspiration? Then find out Where to Find Great Scrapbooking Idea Books, in this great article.

With the End of School Year, Scrapbooking has become something we are able to once again resume in between all those PTA meetings and field trips we attend. Find out some great things to save, and what to do with them.

From personal experience, Planning a Gift Album Before the Event, is one of the surest ways to have the album flow nicely, and look great. Get tips in this article.

Tuesday June 5th

With technology growing in leaps and bounds each day, Finding and Using Scrapbooking Message Boards can be a bit tricky. Find out how to use them and where they can be found.

Wednesday June 6th

Another technological advance, seems to be the expansion of blogs. Find out how to start your own scrapbooking blog in Scrapbooking Blogs: Getting Started.

Thursday June 7th

Continuing my discussion of starting your own blogs, you can find out useful tips to creating the content in your blog, to bring the most readers. In Scrapbooking Blogs: Creating Content.

Friday June 8th

Friendships are important, no matter who you are or how old you are. It’s never to late to make some friends that scrapbook and you can find out how in Networking With Other Scrapbooking Friends.

To lighten our busy week, I thought I’d throw another great Friday Funnies in the mix. With Friday Funnies: Hiding Your Scrapbook Purchases, you can discover some odd places that people have been known to stash those supplies.

Saturday June 9th

In Scrapbookers Unite For Great Causes, the discussion of charities that are beginning to use scrapbooking as a new fund raiser, is discussed. Scrapbookers are a unique breed of people, often some of the most supportive and concerned individuals out there.

Sunday, June 10th

Yes, it is summertime. Popsicles and ice cream dripping, water splashing and well, the sounds of laughter, friendship and activities at summer camp. Scrapbooking Summer Camp is easy, if you are prepared. Know what to do ahead of time, to get ready.

Watch for more terrific tips and articles coming up this week, found only in the Scrapbooking Blog!