Scrapbooking Week in Review for March 10-16, 2008

Springtime is near and more than likely you are already getting the mixed up spring time weather in your neck of the woods. I adore being outside on the warmer days and enjoying the fresh air. On the colder days, I use them to get caught up on scrapbooking. What layouts have you been creating lately?

I am getting ready to begin working on last years Easter pictures so I can get in the mood for the upcoming holiday, which is just around the corner. Hope you all have a wonderful week. Check out what has been happening in the scrapbooking blog this week.

Create Your Own Background Paper

Creating your own background paper is a really simple way to get what you want from your scrapbooking supplies. It isn’t hard nor is it expensive, and often times can save you time and money.

Tips for Getting a Great Family Portrait

You can go and spend a fortune on a portrait sitting, get lots of different poses and then spend hours trying to agonize over which ones you want to order and which ones you want to include in your scrapbook.

Assembling a Basic Tool Kit

Every scrapbooker should have a basic tool kit where they store all the essential supplies that they need for a scrapbooking session. However, the types and brands of the items that fill the kit, will be different for every single scrapbooker.

Saturday Layout Challenge: Bad Habits

It’s Saturday again, and you know what that means? Time for another fun and creative scrapbook challenge. I have been busily making a great list of ideas for upcoming challenges so be sure and check in often.

An Abundance of Flowers

Look around you in the scrapbooking idea books, galleries and magazines and you are sure to find dozens of pages laden with flowers of every type and every size. It seems that flowers have become an important and popular scrapbooking embellishment.

Converting Page Sizes for Scrapbooking

One of the biggest arguments in the scrapbooking industry, is which size layout is best. Thankfully, it is not an answerable question because it is completely a personal choice and one to be made by the scrapbooker.

Three Ways to Get Creative With Page Titles

Scrapbooking is all about creativity, and finding creative ways to journal or create a title for your page is easy and fun to do. I love to incorporate fun ideas for page titles, and I’d like to share a few ideas with you. One of my favorite ways to create a page title is to take a photograph.

Letter Writing Journaling

Specifically I saved this particular article for today. It is my daughter’s 10th birthday and on every single birthday layout I completed, I tend to do a letter as my journaling.

Preserving Your Vacation Memories

Preserving your vacation memories is an important part of your actual vacation. More than likely, you can vividly recall certain details of many past trips, but can you recall what you had for dinner the first night? Some people can, but most people cannot.

Family Favorites Scrapbooking

Getting your family involved in your family albums is a sure way to create a legacy or preserve memories the way they should be preserved. It is an interesting change when you ask your children or husband what in particular they remember about an event.

Vacation Scrapbooking Tips

With Spring Break arriving already for some, the vacation planning is in full gear for many families. Knowing what to bring and how to pack it, is the key to getting a little relaxed scrapbooking done on your vacation.

Tips For Reusing Digital Elements

There is a definite perk to creating scrapbook layouts digitally. Among the cost of the items being much less, the ability to reuse items is an added bonus which I feel adds to the whole frugal scrapbooking thing.

Working With Page Titles

Page titles are not necessarily a must have element on your scrapbooking page, but they can definitely help set the tone and mood of your layouts. Not all scrapbooking layouts call for a title either, but adding one can be super easy and loads of fun.

Scrapbooking Week in Review for March 3-9, 2008

Did you remember to turn your clocks forward an hour this weekend? I love having the extra hour of daylight in the daytime, as it tends to make me feel more productive and I get a lot more accomplished.