Scrapbooking Week in Review for March 3-9, 2008

Did you remember to turn your clocks forward an hour this weekend? I love having the extra hour of daylight in the daytime, as it tends to make me feel more productive and I get a lot more accomplished. Take this time to get caught up on all your scrapbooking projects from winter, so you can move into the beauty of Spring with a clean, fresh slate.

Here’s what’s been happening in the scrapbooking blog this week.

How To Get More Scrapbooking Done This Week

Do you feel as if you have absolutely no time to sit down and create the beautiful layouts your mind and fingers desire to create? What if I told you I could help by offering a few tips to get you started?

Interview Journaling

Journaling is such an important part of the scrapbook process and really does belong on every single scrapbooking layout you do. Journaling is how you tell the story about what is going on in the photographs.

How Much Is Too Much?

Have you ever gotten to the embellishment part of creating your scrapbooking layout and wondered what you should include? Or have you ever finished embellishing your page and wondered if it was too much or does it need more? Here are a few answers.

Saturday Layout Challenge: Childhood Toys

It is so nice to have the scrapbooking layout challenges back up and going again, because it challenges me to get some stuff done that I might otherwise have just pushed aside. If you are looking for past challenges, you can visit the Inspiration section of the website and get the old ones.

Using Scrapbook Supplies for Other Uses

Call me frugal, but I have a tenacious appetite for finding new uses for items I already have, so that I do not have to spend the money to purchase something new. Scrapbooking supplies are no different and can be used it a variety of unique ways that go far beyond the album on your shelf.

Bullet Point Journaling

Are you looking for a new way to add your written or typed words to a scrapbook page and add a bit of flair at the same time? Consider using bullet point journaling as a method to tell your story or explain the information you want to provide on your layouts.

Finding The Inspiration

In several places on various websites I frequent, many scrapbooker’s list their scrapbook page goals for the year in their signatures or on their profile page. I do the same, and I’m often asked about my large goals.

Timeline Journaling

Journaling on a time line is a great way to get the words out when there isn’t a lot to say about pictures. Timeline journaling can tell a story through an almost step by step process, indicating perhaps what is going on in the pictures, or how the event occurred.

Organizing a School Years Scrapbook (2)

School year scrapbooking can be difficult for parents, because sometimes we are unsure of what our children might wish to retain in the future, and what might be best that we just toss now. Here are a few tips I use to sort through my children’s school work and decide what to keep for now.

Scrapbooking Supplies on Vacation

The question of what to take on a vacation can be difficult to answer for a scrapbooker. Their list typically goes far beyond the normal bathing suit, towel and shampoo.

Organizing a School Years Scrapbook (1)

The school years are so important for a child’s development. It is where education begins and can definitely play a major role in the child’s future.

How I Scrapbooked Events I Wanted To Forget: A Personal Journey

Being human, most scrapbookers are not caught up to date on their scrapbooking and probably have years worth of pictures to attend to.

Tips for Managing Your Scrapbooking Organization

Traditional scrapbookers have a lot of stuff. There’s all that paper that needs to be stored. And then there is all the pens, markers, inks, ink pads, stamps, embellishments of every shape and size. It can be overwhelming when you are trying to figure out how to store or organize it all.

Scrapbooking Week in Review for February 25 – March 2, 2008

We have actually seen brief glimpses of Spring peeking around the clouds in our neck of the woods. What has the weather been like where you are? I’m ready for the cold weather to disappear and be replaced with sunny warm days where we can spend hours outside with mother nature.

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