Scrapbooking When You Have Kids Under Your Feet

As time has gone on, my scrapbooking supplies have grown. Probably quadrupled since that first set of supplies I bought. My family has grown too.

When I first started scrapbooking, I had no children, and lots of time. Oh how I wish I had that kind of time now. But, I don’t, and being a stay at home Mom of two kids that are still at home makes it challenging. I don’t want to put my scrapbooking on hold until they are in school, but, I have to prioritize and figure out ways to keep them happy while I sneak in a layout here and there.

Nap time is the best. It is the easiest time to get things done. Unfortunately it is the ONLY time for me to eat, shower, clean, blog, and do all the other crazy things I have to do! So, sometimes, I have to scrap when the little ones are awake. I’m lucky because I have this awesome office to scrap in, complete with my own workspace where everything is organized in its own little cubby. Just around the corner, is my kids’ playroom. It is full of toys, and tons of room!! Yet, it’s like they have this sixth sense when I sit down to scrap. They come running in every two minutes to ask me for something, and end up trying to get right in the middle of whatever I’m doing! Sometimes, it can get frustrating, but for the most part, I have to realize that this is what my life is like right now, and I need to cherish my time with them before they are gone, and all I have left are the pictures of them and loads and loads of time to scrap.

I have a feeling that I will look on this time with fond memories and a longing heart to have those little ones digging through all my stuff, and trying to cut paper, and draw on my nice scrapbooking stuff just to be near me.

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