Scrapbooking With Your Elementary Aged Child

Scrapbooking with an elementary aged child, is without a doubt full of laughter, a lot of giggles, funny stories and a creative mess. However, it is important that this age be allowed the freedom to create whatever it is their hearts desire. And it is also important that they feel that their work has value and that it is honestly appreciated.

Children in elementary school are beginning to notice when people don’t like what they do. They are beginning to show their feelings more, and internalize the hurt and pain from others. They are also itching to be creative, working to dispel stereotypes and learning to get along. All of these things can be honed on by allowing them to scrapbook.

Encouraging children that are elementary or school-age to create layouts to put in their very own scrapbooks, and having mom or dad show off their work to others, help to build a more creative and confident child.

A child this age has much more freedom in what they can use. The scrapbooking supplies and products that are available, are probably going to be sought after by this age. In addition, children will enjoy picking out their own papers, being shown what things go well together, and all in all – having the freedom of choice in what they buy, what they use and how it all turns out.

Journaling should actually be encouraged at this age. Not only can it be a great way to commemorate thoughts and handwriting at this age, it is also nice for them to have a piece of themselves on each layout. Children this age might need some minor prompts to get them thinking. Remember to teach them about the Who, What, Where, and Why of each layout.

Classes and workshops are often offered for children of this age, though they are usually very simple and consist more of a party type atmosphere than actually any sense of educational value. Despite the fact that it lacks an educational value for this age group, the party atmosphere can be a great place for kids to hang out with other kids who enjoy scrapbooking too. Not to mention, its so much fun to bring friends to this type of social activity.

You might just be the one who gives these children a lifelong love for preserving their memories!

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