Scrapbooking You

scrapbooking all about meHave you thought about what you scrapbook the most pictures of? More than likely it is your children, your pets, your family or a hobby or activity that someone you know participates in. Do you remember to scrapbook you? It is important for us to tell our own story, not just the stories of everyone else in our lives. You matter a lot in the big picture, and in order for future generations to see a complete picture, they need to see you in those albums too.

The Early Years

You need to dig out those adorable baby, toddler and preschool pictures and create some pages. You do not have to use every single one of them, but you should definitely include them in an album. Include things like your birth date, anything you know about your name and why you were named that, any special toys you know you had, maybe where you lived and anything else you think might be relevant to that time period.

The School Years

See if you can find a photo from each year of school up to high school. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a school portrait, but that works great if you have them. Create layouts including memories of teachers, special events and any awards or honors you may have received.

The College/Young Adult Years

Scrapbook your young adult years by recalling significant educational moments, your first apartment or home, your room-mates, your job (don’t forget to scrapbook your first job even if it happened while still in high school). Think hard about what went on at that time in your life. Those memories will help you create great scrapbooking layouts about yourself.

Adult Years

Many scrapbookers already do this, but it is important to remember who we are now. What we wanted from life might be different than what we have. Scrapbook your journey into adulthood and journal and scrapbook pages about your goals, dreams, employment, travel, family and more.

It is important to remember to scrapbook all about yourself. Sharing this part of yourself with your children will create a legacy for a lifetime.

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