Scrapbooking Your Dentist Visit

Sometimes we forget the everyday circumstances and events that surround our lives. A dentist visit is one of those very moments, that should be remembered. It’s a yearly part of childhood and for many, even more frequent than that and it should also continue on into adulthood. But why bother to commemorate your dentist visits at all?

There is not necessarily a reason for scrapbooking your dentist visit. In fact, there isn’t a reason to scrapbook nearly any event, but since I love scrapbooking everyday occurrences, I think a dentist visit is just as important. I don’t scrapbook my dentist visits, because there isn’t anything significant to scrapbook anymore besides a yearly cleaning, but a child’s visit is full of interesting things to scrapbook.

So what exactly are you supposed to do?


First, some dentist offices do not allow you to take pictures, but you’d be surprised at how many do. And if you cannot take a photo in the actual office, ask the dentist to pose with the child afterwards. Or take a photograph of your child smiling outside the dentist office, either before or after. Taking a photograph after the visit is often preferred because the child has a clean, white smile and is holding evidence of their visit – perhaps a prize, a sticker and a toothbrush.


We have saved the Fluoride stickers – the stickers that say they cannot eat for a half hour after a treatment. I even once wrote down the funny things my daughter said when she was told she couldn’t eat for a half hour. Use the stickers in your album as you would any embellishment. Stickers that were given as prizes are also good on the page.

Appointment/Business Cards

When we first started going to my children’s dentist, I had to grab a business card. He was my dentist when I was a child, so it was special to me that my children go to him. Plus, he’s the best! I used appointment cards to “journal” the date on the page, so I could remember what date it was. It’s the perfect element for a scrapbook page.

No matter what you do, you shouldn’t forget to scrapbook dentist visits. Even cavities, fillings, tooth extractions and wisdom teeth removal, make for interesting scrapbook pages.