Scrapbooking Your Faith

scrapbooking, faith, layoutsScrapbooking about your faith can be a rewarding process. Not only can you showcase the finer qualities about your faith, your place of worship and your congregation, it can also be a learning process.

While scrapbooking about your faith, it’s a great time for your own personal journey. You should be on the quest for fulfillment, and knowledge.

But how does someone go about scrapbooking their faith? Well, I’ve seen it done several different ways, and since I just recently began a mini-album, I will give you some advice.

They way this all started was, I was approached by a woman’s bible study group, who was looking for creative ways to spread the word about their church. One of the women had apparently suggested putting together a scrapbook album showcasing the different aspects of their religion, their ministries, etc.

For this group it was simple, they had a church, and already had photographs of the church. So the first step is to take photographs of your place of worship. It might just be one overall photo of the outside of the church. For me, that was a slight bit challenging, since my sweet, small church I’ve been attending for three years, has been meeting at different locations and has not built our church yet. That’s a story I plan to include in my album, but for now I chose a huge cross outside another church that caught my eye. Beautiful big and I framed the whole photo around it. I actually made this my cover photo.

Next you might want to journal about your religion, perhaps what your church’s philosophy is, and maybe why you chose that church out of others. (yes even if its because its the closest to your house!)

After you have included everything you want to include about your church in particular, now you can start journaling about your own personal walk with God.

Think about the blessings you’ve received in your lifetime. Think about how you feel when you are praying. Who do you pray most for? What types of things do you thank God for most frequently?

Include sections in your scrapbooking about religious sacraments, and blessings you’ve received. For instance the Catholic faith has Baptisms, Holy Communion, Reconciliation, and many more. Journal about your experiences with each special event that you’ve gone through.

The rest of what you include is seriously up to you. Many church’s have Bingo and Game Night, plays and musicals and much more. Journal about the special events and include photos if you have them.

Be blessed in your walk with God and share what you can in your album. The rest can be through hidden journaling.