Scrapbooking Your Favorite Recipe

Cookbooks fascinate me. Mostly the type that have beautiful full color photographs offsetting a delicious, mouth-watering recipe. I’ve discussed creating a cookbook with your scrapbooking supplies before. Did you listen?

A couple of months back my mother’s art class decided to put together a cookbook using their beautiful painting techniques. My mother didn’t want to take the time to paint her page, and I have absolutely no painting skills. She asked me if I would scrapbook the recipe she wanted to do and hand over a page. She wanted two pages. One real clean and simple that she could add something to if she wanted, and another that was complete.

I agreed to do it, however I wish she had done it using her incredible talent. After completing the two pages pictured below for my mother, I started thinking about my own favorite recipes. I have created a mini album, but I thought it would be nice to do an ongoing album full of our most often prepared meals.

For the past month I have been recording measurements, ingredients and the names of our most often made meas. It has been interesting since many don’t have an actual name and many I have never actually measured out. A pinch of this, a dash of that. It’s how I cook. But I wanted to be able to pass something along to my children in the future with some of their favorite meals.

I chose an expandable album so I can add to it. Right now it has five recipe layouts completed, but soon it will be many more. I am sure to snap a photograph of the finished meal so I can include a beautiful, mouth-watering photograph with each and every recipe. And yes, I do sometimes garnish and decorate the dish. Just for the visual appeal.

Here are the pages for my mother’s art class cookbook. The first one is the completed layout she originally requested. The second is the one that she wanted me to leave very simple so she could embellish it with her painting.

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