Scrapbooking Your New Family Pet

As it is, we are a crazy family. Anyone who knows us, knows that once we blended our families, we wound up with five children total! But for whatever nutty reason, that was not enough and we decided to expand our large family further. No, I am not expecting a baby, but we did add a new puppy. It wasn’t enough that we already have five children, three cats, two guinea pigs (and a partridge in a pear tree!) but now – a new puppy. Molly is a two month old Border Collie.

Because our new puppy is such a big part of our family, and we realize how fast a puppy grows, we have been snapping lots of pictures. In fact, there isn’t much this little girl has done that hasn’t been documented by a photograph! Yes, even down to pottying in the yard! Yes, I know – we’re nuts. But how else am I going to use up all that great “potty training” stuff I have in my scrap room? My youngest is seven and has long been potty trained.

So what exactly am I taking pictures of? I thought I’d inspire others with a couple of articles on scrapbooking your pet memories. This article is focusing on exactly what to take pictures of.

Just like a new baby, a puppies first year can be documented. First bark, first bone, first treat, first solid food (especially if you are doing the weaning!), first potty outside, etc.

Scrapbookers like to create layouts about their children’s favorite toys. Why not create a layout about puppies favorite toys, or your older dogs funny quirks, or even create a layout about the things you miss about a particular pet that isn’t with you anymore.

We are working on scrapbook pages of Molly’s adoption and we were lucky enough to know the story of how she got there, so we are documenting that. We are also creating scrapbook pages of her first day with us, our experiences with potty training her, her favorite toys, and of course a special picture of each child with her. One of our cats has taken a real liking of her, and they seem to be working on a bond that is so sweet. You can bet we will document that!

I’m also considering purchasing one of those little sound devices to record her puppy barks. In the future I plan to commemorate her experiences at the vet, her puppy obedience classes and we plan to enroll her in agility training and you can bet we will document that too!

When you get a new family pet, regardless if it is a puppy, a kitten or a small rodent, remember to include them in your scrapbook albums too! They deserve lots of layouts just like your children.

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