Scrapbooking Your Poetry

The month of April is National Poetry month, and in honor and celebration of my favorite form of writing, I thought I’d share a bit about how to create a poetry album, or even just to create pages with your poems on them.

Typically, I sprinkle my poetry throughout my albums and layouts all year long. I write very personal pieces to my children and often they go right on the layout. However, I have binders full of poetry, all kinds: rhyming, musings, haiku and even a sonnet or two. I needed a place to show case a few of my favorite pieces.

I started out with a small album I had no idea what to do with. It was very small, and honestly would have only held one photograph per page, and well, that is just not an option when I am scrapbooking. Even when I am making a gift album, I need a lot more space.

But when it comes to my poetry, I don’t have photographs to accompany them, and the album was the perfect size for the words.

I chose a very simple color palette. A light wedge wood blue and sand color scheme, with dark green accents and cream cardstock for the actual poems. Looks a bit like a beach theme, but I found it relaxing with just a hint of nature.

The cream colored cardstock was easily placed into my printer and I was able to size and resize my fonts and the way it printed until I got it just right. I trimmed each piece down to size, and adhered it to different color cardstock. I used complimentary accents and a few scattered embellishments throughout the album to keep it a very consistent and clean look.

I am still working on it, and when it is complete, I will scan in some photos and show you all.

If you are a writer, a poet, or an artist, include your work in an album! You’ll be so happy you have it, and it’s really fun to show to friends and family.

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