Scrapbooking Your Summer

Hot summer days are completely upon us, and it’s beyond hot, sticky and wet. Some areas still get nice breezy days, and cooler evenings, but here in the Midwest we are faced with sticky, humid days. So what’s so great about scrapbooking days like these? Plenty.

Have you ever considered that a nice couple of hours scrapbooking, is like a mini-vacation in the air conditioning indoors, away from the heat and humidity? It’s just a generally nice place to be.

In addition, the summer brings so many different photo opportunities. Among holidays and birthday parties, picnics and BBQ’s, swimming and sprinkler time, camping and hiking, beach vacations and travel destinations, camps, and more, there are so many different activities that are exclusive to only the summer months.

Do a layout about your child’s favorite summer time treat. Popsicles? Ice Cream cones? Or maybe something more exotic like Apple pie or Lemon Meringue Pie. Whatever the treat is, it’s sure to be a nice addition to add it to your scrapbooks. Children’s appetites and tastes change frequently, so what one loves this year, might not be so yummy next year.

Do a layout about a favorite pair of sandals or shorts, sunglasses or even a big floppy hat they seem to take everywhere with them.

Is there an activity that they spend more time on during the summer months? Swimming, sprinkler hopping, water sliding, boating, rafting, tanning, whatever. Do a layout all about it.

Does the family travel somewhere during the summer? Camping trips? Cabin on the lake? Perhaps a house or a condo on the beach? Or maybe a hotel room in some state while you are visiting family. Do a layout all about it.

Don’t forget the summer foods that are exclusive to this time of year. Watermelon, lemonade, cotton candy, Popsicles, ice cream cones, icees, iced tea, and so many more delicious foods are abundant during this hot season.

Whatever your summer holds, scrapbook it. It will be worth the memories for years to come.