Scrapbooking Your Values and Virtues

Recently I came across an interesting article which was talking about Benjamin Franklin. I am usually one of those gals that seriously does not enjoy most historical information. I am just not a history buff, and I prefer the literary world much more. However, there was a blurb in the article that caught my eye.

It stated that Benjamin Franklin made a list of thirteen personal virtues in which he wanted to develop within himself during his lifetime. I was absolutely fascinated with that idea, and immediately I saw a scrapbook layout developing in my mind.

The virtues that Mr. Franklin chose were: Temperance, Silence, Order, Resolution, Frugality, Industry, Sincerity, Justice, Moderation, Cleanliness, Tranquility, Chastity and Humility. I was amazed at the list and was surprised that many of my virtues are the same as his, and that many of his virtues I had never even considered a virtue before. Time to really sit down and re-evaluate my own values and virtues and how they play out in my life as a wife, mother, daughter and friend.

So I set out on my own “quest” of sorts to discover who I am and who I want to be. I decided to take old Ben’s advice and stick to thirteen at first. I figured I would branch out later. In my research into the whole humanity and value thing, I discovered is a website that is building a community and portal for the exploration of human spirits, values, attitudes, principles and emotions. That was exactly the type of thing I was looking for. They have a growing list of over five hundred different human values so finding the ones you feel are important should not be difficult at all.

I have embarked on creating layouts not only commemorating my journey of self-discovery, but I plan to make a layout for each value I deem important in my life. I think I might make it into a small scrapbook in and of itself. That way I can add to it throughout my life as things change and my life changes. I urge you all to consider doing the same. In just the week long process I have taken so far, I have found an inner peace. Something in me snapped, and I now really evaluate decisions and situations in much greater detail. I have my lists, which will eventually be put into layouts that truly help in this process. I promise, that when I have a few more pages, I will share them with you all. I’d also really love to see yours.

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