Scrapbooking Your Yearly Christmas Portrait

Earlier I posted an article in the photography blog, on The Christmas Photo Shoot. Basically, it is about that time of year again, to start planning your yearly Christmas photo to include in your Christmas cards, or just to keep for yourself. The one challenge I have faced with the Christmas portrait is how to include it in my albums, so here are a few ideas to get you started on creating fabulous Christmas portrait layouts.

No matter how you decide to scrapbook your layouts with these photographs, you might also enlist some “behind the scenes” photography too. Have someone capture the photographer while he or she is working with your family. Have someone snap photographs of the family between shots – the crying baby, the toddler that is squirming or crawling all over everywhere, and mom looking utterly and completely worried that her shot is not going to happen. It is fun to scrapbook these pages and write about what was going on and how you felt getting this session going.

Scrapbook Portraits Together

A great way to scrapbook your yearly Christmas portraits, is to choose a couple of the best shots, including of course the chosen shot, and include them all on a layout. Be sure to frame or embellish the special chosen photograph in some way, so that when someone sees the layout, they know that it was the chosen one.

Use a Shot From Each Year

You could also try creating a layout or a few layouts or even an entire album dedicated solely to the Christmas portrait you chose. You could include them all together on layouts, showing the changes each year, or you could create an album and each page could be that chosen photograph for each year.

Create a Newsletter Page

If you are the type of person to create a newsletter each year to send out with your Christmas cards, keep a copy for yourself and add it to a layout. Include the family portrait you chose to send too. You could even include a copy of that years Christmas card, unless of course you are like me and you just use whatever leftover cards you have from previous years. It’s that frugal side of me. This newsletter layout makes a terrific closing page for your yearly album too. It is almost like a summary of the year or a look at the year ahead.

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