Scraplifting Your Own Layouts

That sounds really strange when you say it out loud, doesn’t it? How does one actually scraplift their own layouts? Well, it is actually quite easy and can help you get a lot of pictures scrapped and a lot of pages completed for your albums.

So how does one go about doing this? Let me explain.

When you are going through your albums, or completed pages, is there a layout that strikes your eye every time? I bet there’s more than one. You are looking for that layout that makes you smile every time you see it, but not just because of the photo’s or the memories, you are smiling because it turned out exactly the way you wanted it to? That is the layout you need to scraplift. You will probably find more than one. Those are the ones to duplicate.

You do not necessarily have to copy the layout completely in order to scraplift it. If you like the design, but would rather use different papers, which I do a lot, then duplicate the page design using different papers each time.

If you loved the papers you used, then perhaps you could try designing another layout using those same papers or colors.

Perhaps you just like the way you actually used your photographs on this layout and the placement of the embellishments works well. Take two new pieces of card stock and place your photos exactly the same on them. Then add your embellishments, and your journaling and you are done.

This is a simple, fast and great way to get loads of pages completed in one sitting. If you are worried about everything looking the same, try the technique on different pages for different albums. I am sure you have more than one layout you could use to scraplift! Have fun!

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