Scrapping a Timeline of Photos

One of my favorite scrapbook layouts came about by accident. I was sorting through a stack of photos of my then 8-month-old daughter in her infant seat and mistakenly placed some of the pictures in a pile of snapshots taken of her when she was 4 months old sitting in the same infant carrier. It made me smile seeing how much she had grown in such a short period of time. What’s more, seeing her in the exact same seat in nearly an identical position made her growth even more pronounced.

From that moment on I decided to take photos of her in the same infant carrier for as long as she was able to fit in it. Then, I took the photos and made a time lapse layout, which illustrated how much she had grown over a certain period of time.

I know some women do the same type of layout for their pregnancy scrapbooks, photographing their burgeoning bellies over the course of nine months. The collection of shots with the subject striking the same pose is then compiled into a super scrapbook layout.

The possibilities for this theme layout are practically limitless. However, you need to be patient because it can’t be made in the same amount of time as a traditional layout, unless you already have all of the photos you need.

Other photo ideas for this type of layout include:

*Photographing your kids in front of the Christmas tree each year

*Pictures of your son posing in his soccer uniform each season

*Your daughter sitting at the piano over the course of a few years

*Your child sitting in a stroller as an infant, up until he grows out of it

*Your family gathered around the dinner table

*Your child standing next to the mailbox or other prop that illustrates height. As he gets taller you can see the difference in his size in relation to the prop.

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