Scrapping a Trip to Paradise

When it comes to scrapping a trip to Hawaii, I am your go-to gal. I was born and raised in Hawaii, but never considered featuring my hometown in a scrapbook until I got married there. In subsequent years I’ve created multiple scrapbooks starring the Aloha State, and all its glory, as it pertains to annual family vacations we take there.

If you are planning to scrap a family getaway to Hawaii, Mexico or any other tropical locale, and are looking for a way to organize a book dedicated to showing off your favorite memories, consider the following ideas:

Color Scheme: If it’s your first time visiting Hawaii, consider using traditional bold hues such as fuchsia, bright orange, ruby and canary yellow. Cobalt blue, turquoise and jewel tones also work well.

Images: Some images scream “Hawaii,” including: lei, coconuts, volcano, hula dancers, pineapple, outrigger canoe, tiki statue, surfers, etc. Consider embellishing your layouts with stickers, stamps or die cuts featuring the aforementioned images. Several companies sell pre-made items with beach or Hawaiian themes. Look for Jolees by You, Jolees Boutique dimensional stickers, or K & Co. embellishments.

Memorabilia: Using the souvenirs and mementos collected during your trip to paradise will really help add a personal touch to your scrapbook. Consider treating maps or brochures with Archival Mist and using them as part of your background or as page borders. If you collected shells or sand from one of the state’s many gorgeous beaches, consider displaying them in photo pouches or memorabilia pockets, or use glue to add it to a page to further enhance it.

Journaling: This is where you can really set your book apart from others. Vacation scrapbooks are typically crammed with photos, but by adding a few journaling blocks you can describe the significance of some of your most special images.

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