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Scrapbookers are gearing up for the busiest time of the year. October, November and December are prime months for documenting holiday-related events. Memory book makers’ cameras will be getting a major workout as 2012 comes to an end. Consequently, you’ll want to make sure your camera is in tip-top shape in order to capture all of those special holiday moments. Now is also an ideal time to upgrade your digital camera if you are looking to improve your scrapbook pictures.

When shopping for a new camera it’s important to conduct some research prior to purchasing. Fortunately, the Internet is teeming with camera review sites which feature commentary from experts and amateurs. CNET is an excellent resource for digital camera guides and reviews. In addition to listing popular picks and breaking down camera features, the site also includes price comparisons which allow you to select a model that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Once you narrow down your choices and obtain the needed information from online reviews, consider testing out a few of your favorites. I like to get my hands on the actual camera before I buy it. Most stores allow you to experiment with a floor model, and even if you can’t take it outside to test it, at least you can look over the functions and see if the size and weight of the camera is a comfortable fit.

Don’t return the camera to the sales person without snapping a few photos. Take note of the camera’s response time and whether or not you can easily manipulate the controls and viewfinder. If you are upgrading, be sure to experiment with the features that are not on your current camera. For example, while most digital cameras come with optical zoom capability, cheaper models often max out at 5x zoom. Higher-end models can exceed 30x with super zoom or detachable lenses. Think about the type of photos you will be taking before committing to a specific camera. Also, if you plan to do a lot of zooming, consider getting a camera with image stabilization. The feature works to keep the camera steady while you take your shots.

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