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A few years ago when I was scrapping a ton, scrapbook blogs weren’t all that popular. Maybe they were, and I just didn’t know it because I didn’t have a blog myself at the time. But, now that I currently run 4 blogs, aside from writing here, I have blogging on my mind. Big surprise huh?

The thing that has amazed me is that in the year or so that I took off from scrapbooking after my 2nd child was born, it seems the scrapbooking blogging world exploded. When I am on message boards, and forums, everyone is promoting their blogs in their signatures. I have to admit, I have a personal scrapbooking blog myself that I secretly wish tons of people were following and commenting on all my creative genius. But, I actually only have about 15 followers, and I’m not sure if they are really even looking.

But, if you want to have a blog that is all about scrapping, it’s not that easy to work your way to blogger fame. It can take years. And, even at that, you probably won’t be “famous”. However, there are a few things you can do to promote your scrapbooking blog.

*Invite Guest bloggers to your site to share a page they created. This keeps things interesting.

*Host a giveaway. If you think you can’t afford this, you’re probably wrong. Come up with some way to get followers. Post your giveaway on a message board, and then go through your scrap supplies and create a little kit of goodies to give to a random person that you pick from your followers.

*Visit other blogs. This really is the best way to promote your scrapbooking blog. Go to other blogs that are similar and leave a comment. Let them know you are following and you would love for them to do the same for you. I did this one week and got about 10 followers with not too much work.

*Learn how to create a sketch and challenge people to create a layout using your sketch. Then, you can share the images of other followers on your blog!

*Host challenges and give away small prizes

While we may not be famous for our blogging, we can have fun doing it. And, it is just another way to share our scrapbooking with the world! Don’t you just love the internet? I do.

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