Scraps of Memories

I love to talk about scrapbooking and share ideas with others. I love creating scrapbooks and I especially love to look at them.

However I find myself through the years having a rollercoaster ride of experiences when it comes to scrapbooking. When I am up, I am on the ball and keeping everything current. When I am down, the pictures begin piling up and the details of the events within those pictures begin to fade away.

The past few months I have been down and watching the memories created begin to pile up. While I have every intention on starting new projects it just doesn’t seem to happen.

One of the things I have been doing lately is quickly writing down thoughts that come to my mind and could be useful to my scrapbooks once I pick them back up again.

An example is in my recent parenting blog where I talked about dropping my youngest son off for the first day of middle school. I have these lingering memories of things that will suddenly come up. On this particular day I recalled my son’s first half year of kindergarten and how his teacher had to pry him from my leg because he didn’t want to let go of me.

I ended up writing that memory down when I got home. I am starting to keep a pile of notes that I write whenever something comes to mind and I don’t want to forget it. So when I finally do get to my son’s middle school years scrapbook, I can pick through the notes and find things I wanted to journal in the scrapbook.

As each new memory is created I may not have the time to get the scrapbook completed but I can begin to compile details of things that I want to include. Then when the glorious day happens where I can pull my stuff out and actually accomplish something, I don’t have to try and rack my mind to recall things. It will already be there in scraps of memories.

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