Scratch and Dent or Salvage Groceries

Have you ever heard of “scratch and dent” or salvage grocery stores? While it’s understandable that you are not interested in purchasing dented cans of food for your family, there is no reason why you have to.

Many of these places are nice, clean stores with quality products at low prices. While there are some dented cans and such, most of the items are perfectly good. You will obviously want to pass over the dented or damaged packages, but you should be able to find plenty of items that are in perfect condition.

I recently learned from friend that owns a salvage grocery that often times such stores can obtain a pallet of goods, or even an entire truckload, because a small portion is damaged. They get the whole lot very cheap, and there is often less damaged product than good product. This allows discount grocery centers to offer good food at great savings.

Many people also think that salvage stores only sell items that are out of date. While most do sell some out of date items, they also get a great price on those that are getting close to the expiration date, and pass the savings on to shoppers. As long as you use the product quickly if the date is soon to expire, you will have no problem, and you can save a great deal of money.

Perhaps not all scratch and dent or salvage grocery stores are as nice, but they are certainly worth checking out. Look for stores that are clean and offer more good than bad items. Be sure to check each item out carefully before purchasing and ask about returns or refunds. Many scratch and dent or salvage grocery stores don’t make refunds but will gladly exchange an item if it is not up to your standards.