Seasonal Business Idea: Christmas Baking

Growing up I had an aunt that made the most amazing Christmas cookies. She was noted for all your baked goods. Through the years she became known for her cookies and many started to ask her if she ever thought about going into business baking. She was not interested in starting her own bakery however she considered baking on a seasonal basis. Finally after making the decision to bake Christmas cookies for customers her business took off. It took off so much that she decided it was too much work and gave it up. She loved to bake but the business aspect was not as enjoyable.

While that story is about one who decided the business was not for her it is not intended to discourage. Often times our loved hobbies do not make good businesses while other times it is a perfect fit. The moral of the story above is twofold. One, she did well because of her reputation. It will be necessary for you to build yourself up as a baker to expect profits or clients the first few seasons. You will have to start advertising early and give out samples. Perhaps give out sample cookies to neighbors now with a business card and brochure. Two, make sure you are prepared and organized so your business does not become frustrating and you find yourself buried in pounds of flour calling for relief. If you find your business taking off quickly the excitement can make you think you can do it all and take on every client. I am here to tell you that you cannot. Find your limit and once reached let others know you are no longer taking orders. To entice them to come back the next year give them a free cookie with a coupon.

If you are looking for clients try advertising at churches, organizations, friends and family. Another option is taking your cookies and baked goods to craft shows. Once you establish a clientele you will have to define your season such as orders accepted from September through December 20th. Give yourself time and your customers time to order. Do not make promises you cannot keep.

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