Searching For A Lost Snake

Even the most careful snake owner may have to deal with an escape artist at some point. So how do you find your lost reptile? Chances are, your snake is still in the house, so start your searching there.

If you happen to have any other small pets that may look like potential snake snacks, be sure to put them in a secure place before you start searching. And now… the hunt is on!

  1. Start by looking around your snake enclosure, then along the walls and baseboards.
  2. Check bookcases, cabinets, and shelves. Look for your sneaky snake on top of books and behind your knickknacks.
  3. Use a flashlight and small mirror to look under and behind everything. Check under the chairs and couches, underneath appliances, and between furniture and walls. The spaces may look too small, but don’t underestimate the squishiness of your snake.
  4. Use a yardstick to gently probe as you search.
  5. Check your furniture and mattresses for rips in the upholstery — a snake could crawl up into the innards of your couch and curl up. Check between the cushions on your couch and armchairs.
  6. Look in every box, bag, and basket. Be sure to check inside your shoes, too!
  7. Open the cabinets in your bathroom and kitchen.
  8. Check the bathroom — your snake isn’t very likely to go down the toilet, but he may curl up behind the tank.

There is a benefit to all this searching: after you’ve found your snake, you now have a good idea of ALL the potential hiding places and escape holes. Once your friend is safely back in his enclosure, you can go patch those holes in the walls, sew up those rips in the upholstery, and block those gaps under the doors. That way, if your snake escapes again, you’ve reduced the number of hiding spots.