Seasonal Colors For Scrapbooking

Using color in our scrapbooks, is an important part of the process. Understanding what different colors tend to signify, is equally important. Most colors strongly represent certain holidays, seasonal elements, moods and emotions. For instance, red and green are most commonly used at Christmas time. What other colors represent seasonal changes? With springtime knocking on my door these days, I’d like to show you what color palettes work best for the different seasons.

Spring – Springtime evokes a feeling of renewal, new beginnings, and a certain element of freshness. These feelings are best represented when using soft and delicate colors. Softer yellows and greens are perfect for this time of year. Other great colors are soft pinks and sky blues, peach and apricot. White is a color of purity and new beginnings, so any color in which white has tinted, usually works great. Lavender, mint green, baby pink and baby blue, salmon are more great colors to represent spring time. Because St. Patrick’s Day, Passover and Easter are represented in Spring, think of the colors used for these holidays.

Summer – Summer is a time for being outside amongst rich, vibrant colors. Think beaches and oceans, pools and sandboxes. Blues, Greens, Browns, and Bright Pinks. “Hot”or “Electric” colors are perfect for this time of year. Think about the colors found in a box of Popsicles. Those colors are very typical of summer. Think of the brightness of the Fourth Of July. Bright, vibrant colors work best for the summer.

Fall – Fall colors are rich with color and very warm. Colors that evoke a sense of Fall are browns, oranges, reds and darker yellows. Even darker greens can be added. Think of the changing leaves in Fall. These are what you want to use to express the colors of the season. Halloween and Thanksgiving are full of these rich, warm colors.

Winter – Winter colors are cool and sharp. In the winter months you see a lot of icy blues and white. Emerald green and Burgundy also lend a hand to this colder time of year. Winter holidays use blues, whites, gold and silver, deeper red and darker green. Because Valentine’s Day falls in Winter as well, red, pink and white are perfect too.

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