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March came in like a lion, and like many other months, it’s going out like a cheetah. The month flew by and now Easter and Mother’s Day is right around the corner. This, of course, means I have only a few weeks to create a slew of holiday gifts to give to the grandparents and other beloved friends and family that do so much for us throughout the year. However, instead of boring photo mugs, totes, mouse pads and blankets, I am planning to make more personalized gifts emblazoned with some of the best images I have taken in 2011.

If you are looking for unique gifts to give at Easter or Mother’s Day, consider the following:

Photo Shadow Box: Place a series of photographs of the gift recipient to the back panel of the shadow box frame, and adhere them with acid-free glue. Then, use more glue or pushpins to add fun mementos, such as items from a recent family vacation or birthday party or some cute artwork that your child has made.

Photo Family Tree: Collect pictures of each member of your immediate family. (If you have a very small immediate family, then feel free to add photos of extended family members.) Keep things consistent by using baby pictures to indicate each birth, and wedding pictures to indicate marriages. Next, find a leaf from your favorite tree and trace it. Then, Xerox the leaves on colored paper. Once you have enough paper leaves, cut each picture to fit inside the individual paper leaves and glue them together. Punch a hole near the “stem” of each leaf. Finally, string ribbon through the hole and tie each picture leaf onto a real tree branch.

Photo Vase: Gather several themed photos. Again, the pictures could be from recent family trip or get-together. Cut the pictures to the desired size and glue them to a glass cube-shaped vase, making sure you do not leave any visible spaces between the photos. Once you have covered the entire surface of the vase, cut a piece of ribbon to a length that is long enough to wrap around the top of the vase. Then, attach the ribbon with hot glue. You could add another piece of ribbon to the bottom of the vase as a finishing touch.

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