Seasonal Pillowcases – A Year of Fun

I’ve been cleaning out closets today. And no, I’m not going to tell you that cleaning closets is a fun thing to do. I did find something fun to tell you about though.

A few years ago my thoughtful and creative sister-in-law gave the kids a very fun present. She made pillowcases for all three of the boys. She collected fabric all year long. When the seasonal fabrics went on clearance she picked out her favorites. It doesn’t take much fabric to make a pillowcase, and she got some great ones for not much money. She made them cases for Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. She also had a snowflake case for winter and a fall leaves one, too. There was even a pillow case for “Back to School” and one with cupcakes and candles for their birthdays. And not to be forgotten, there was a tooth fairy one for lost tooth days!

I wish I could say I was organized enough that we have changed pillowcases for all those holidays. We’ve hit most. I’m not sure we ever had it together enough to use the missing tooth ones.

I do think the seasonal pillowcases is a very clever idea. And making them was a very sweet gift of her time. Plus it made a year long present for the kids. It was something they enjoyed for several years instead of a toy forgotten on the floor a few days later. And it prompted us to change their pillowcases – which is something that I don’t think we do often enough.

I’ve also seen pillowcases with glow in the dark paint on them. You can paint the child’s name, or special goodnight wishes like “sweet dreams” or “sleep tight”. Sometimes it is the little things that make kids feel special.

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