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Unless you are purchasing a gift for a fellow crafter or you absolutely have to have a holiday-themed memory album complete by Sunday, I would avoid purchasing Christmas-themed scrapbooking embellishments in the next 48 hours. Rather, if you wait until next week, you will be able to score great deals at post-holiday sales.

There is no shortage of holiday-themed scrapbooking supplies on the market right now. However, these products can often be very expensive. If you’re a frugal scrapbooked, you’ll wait to stock up on seasonal goods when they go on sale. You can stretch your scrapbooking dollar even further when you buy festive materials in bulk when they are on sale. For example, if you’re making a holiday-themed album, buying coordinating paper will save you quite a chunk of change. In addition to padding your wallet, having a variety of paper that can be mixed and matched is an easy way to create a cohesive look when you are designing several individual layouts. What’s more, if you have leftover paper, you can use it to make handmade cards or other decor.

Another option for scrappers on a budget is to make festive embellishments at home. Believe me; you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to make simple decorations on your own. In fact, some embellishments are so easy to make, your kids can help out. For instance, paper snowflakes are ideal decorations for a holiday-themed scrapbook layout. What’s more, they are almost impossible to mess up.

Remember the bulk holiday-themed patterned paper I suggested you purchase at after-Christmas sales? You can take a few pages, cut them into small squares, and then top with ribbon and bows to create cute gift embellishments. Leftover green cardstock can also be repurposed. Simply cut the paper into triangles and piece them together to create a Christmas tree embellishment. The same can be done with metallic or glittered paper. Use stencils to cut out star shapes, and then arrange them on a sheet of cardstock to create a custom holiday background.

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