Seasonal Shoe Cleaning and Organizing

Tis the season for shoe purging in our home.

Snow is in the forecast for the weekend, which means I have been frantically trying to dig out winter boots and put away summer sandals.
Since our front entry closet doubles as a shoe and coat catch-all, I am very cognizant of my need to be as organized as possible, as one false placement could mean the unleashing of a flood of outwear.

Before I store shoes for a given season I do a quick spot cleaning on the ones that need attention. For example, on my daughter’s summer canvas shoes and leather sandals I check for dried, sticky ice cream or other food spills that were not wiped up immediately following the offense. Typically, I use a damp, soft cloth with a small amount of liquid soap. However, on good leather shoes or sandals I use commercial leather cleaner. Footwear that is beyond salvaging is given the boot.

In regards to organizing, I am not a big fan of throwing a bunch of footwear into a gigantic basket or bucket. Rather, I find using a shoe organizer is the most efficient means of keeping track of multiple pairs of shoes.

Fortunately, there are many different types of shoe organizers on the market. Some are designed to sit on the floor of a closet or mud room. These types are great if you don’t have a ton of shoes or you need an organizer that your kids can reach to access their own shoes. However, my personal favorite is the hanging shoe organizer. The organizer can be hung from the back of the closet door or inside the closet. Hanging shoe organizers get footwear off the ground and allow you to use precious closet floor space for other items.

Shoe benches are also a reasonable option if you don’t have dozens of sneakers, boots, sandals and slippers to deal with. The benches go a long way to keep your entry way neat and tidy. They not only offer storage space, but also provide a place for you to sit down while you put your shoes on or take them off.

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