Seasons of Testing

There are certain stages and circumstances in life that a married couple goes through in which the relationship is tested. While everyday can certainly be a test and an indicator of the strength of your relationship, some life events seem to bring out what truly lies underneath.

One of the earliest circumstances I can remember my marriage being greatly tested in is about a year after we had our first child. I was pregnant with our second child when in the third month I miscarried.

We each handled things very differently. Because of that, there were times we just weren’t on the same page and it caused some real difficulties.

I remember another time when in a period of nine months we experienced some big changes. I stopped homeschooling my children (my oldest was just entering the 5th grade, my daughter 2nd and my youngest started kindergarten). At the same time my husband’s job transferred to Illinois (we live in Wisconsin), so he was commuting for several months.

Our house was broken into, we put it up for sale, and a week before Christmas we moved into our new home (remember, I live in Wisconsin…moving in winter is not fun). Then in January my daughter’s introduction to public school was graced with catching lice and then in turn I caught it.

Meanwhile, I hardly saw my husband because of his commute and we owned two homes because the one we were trying to sell kept falling through with buyers. Financially we were strapped.

Finally in May it all began to come together. But let me tell you, our marriage was tested.

Now we are going through another testing period, with this new stage of life in which our oldest has left home. It has been especially difficult because he is at basic training a thousand miles from home and we have no ability to contact him.

My husband and I aren’t always on the same page when it comes to our emotions and handling of this. But we keep pressing through and look at each day as a new opportunity to overcome the struggles.

All marriages have seasons of testing. What makes them remarkable is when you come out stronger.

Don’t look at the testing of your marriage has a negative thing. Know that when you make it
through, you will have grown closer and learned more about each other.

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