Second and Third Grade Reading Skills

Before beginning a discussion about the skills that third grade students should be able to accomplish, there are a few more skills in which second grade students should know.

Continuation of Writing
At this age students should be able to begin making good judgments about what types of things to include in their writings. They should be able to edit their own work and take part in conferencing about what was written. The children at this level should be paying attention to writing mechanics such as punctuation.

Second grade students are eager to learn and use new words. They are using context clues and other techniques to figure out unfamiliar words on their own. Students are also making use of previous learned knowledge such as prefixes, suffixes, and more. The students are continuously increasing their vocabulary and learning many more synonyms and antonyms. By the end of second grade, the students are properly using different types of speech such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. They are being to choose their own topics of interest and reading to learn more.

Third Grade Skills

By the end of the third grade a child should be reading with fluency.
These children are reading more independently and are choosing longer stories and chapter books.

They are able to take what was read and summarize it to provide important information to others.

By the end of third grade, students are able to determine the purpose of a reading selection and pull meaning from it.

They are informed on the use of cause and effect, fact and opinion, and main and supporting ideas.

They can use charts, graphs, and other reading maps and organizers.

Third grade students should be correctly spelling many words. They can independently review and edit their own work without direct supervision and correct any mistakes that are found.

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