Secondary Source of Heat: Emergency Heat

emergency heatAccording to a recent survey sponsored by a home generator manufacturer (of course), almost half of all Americans are in jeopardy because they live in an area with extreme winter weather yet do not have a secondary heat source.

A secondary heat source is important in the event that you lose your primary hear source, such as when the power goes out. Many non-electric heat sources, such as an oil furnace, still rely on some electricity to run. You don’t want to be caught without heat, especially if your household includes the very young or the elderly.

Beside loss of power, what if there was a shortage of the fuel that you use, or a financial crisis that prevented you from obtaining that fuel. A secondary heat source can keep you from being cold. It can also prevent damage to your home, since pipes can freeze if your home is not being heated.

There are a few different types of secondary heat sources including a generator, a gas or wood fireplace or a wood-burning stove. A pellet stove does produce heat, but it needs electricity to power the blower to circulate that heat, so in the event that you lose power, you will need a generator to power it.

At the moment, our personal household has two secondary sources of heat, although neither is very efficient. We have a standard fireplace, and we have a generator. We are thinking about someday getting a wood burning stove. Because this is a cheaper form of energy for us, it may make out standard oil furnace not as important any more.

Along with your secondary heat source, you will want to make sure to have a winter weather emergency kit available in your home. You can read more about emergency kits and winter weather preparedness through the links below.

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