Secret Shoppers for Churches?

I have to say that one thing I love about our church is the fact that members serve in positions in the church for free. No one is paid. While we do come from a very wealthy church, the clergy are not paid, and therefore, the money is being spent on things like buildings, spreading the gospel, and welfare.

I heard about a recent program kind of like the secret shopper program. Mystery guests attend churches across the country for the first time and score them on various things in 15 categories like the sermon, pre-and post-service atmosphere, seating, etc. The church leaders sign up for this type of “secret guest” program so they can see what a first-impression is like at their church. While I guess I understand the reasoning behind church leaders wanting to know this kind of information, it begs the question, “What are they going to change with that information?” or, “What is the ultimate goal?”

Let’s face it, I’m not here to judge other religions. To each their own. But, at the same time, when I have seen some churches swell to astounding numbers in their congregations and the preacher or leader is a millionaire because of it, it makes me think twice about the purpose behind these mega-churches. When you add in that they are using “secret guests” to rate them, it makes you wonder if it is more of a business that they are trying to run than trying to spread the word of God. However, if you are interested in learning more about the results, then go here.

With that being said, I wonder how our church would fair? I’m afraid that maybe in some areas it would not be that great. Like seating? We could use some more comfy benches, for sure. Some visitors are surprised by the children allowed in the main services too. And, some wards are better than others are at providing a friendly atmosphere where you might want to come back.

I guess the bottom line is that we do want those that visit us to come back. But, is it for the right reasons?

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