Secret Weight Loss Weapon: The Pedometer

The pedometer is a wonderful thing. You can get them for about a dollar at just about any WalMart check out counter, so they’re cheap. They are so small that you can wear one all day and barely notice it is there. They don’t even need batteries! A pedometer packs a powerful punch though. It is a serious motivational tool that can get you to truly go that extra mile.

Whether you are walking, jogging, running, dancing or climbing stairs, a pedometer will count your steps for you. Sure, one step seems like a small and insignificant thing to measure but “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

A pedometer can give you an idea of exactly how much you are walking on a daily basis. Once you know that, you can start setting some higher goals like maybe adding an extra 100 steps per day, or maybe 1000. You’d be surprised how many steps it takes to get the kids out of bed, dress them, change their diapers, warm the bottles and make dinner. Before you know it, you’ve covered 5000 steps!

If you need a little more motivation or just something to measure how much you are doing and help you reach incremental goals, a pedometer may be just the thing for you. If you haven’t tried this yet, get a pedometer and put it on first thing in the morning. You’ll be surprised how many steps you can rack up by the end of the day. The next day, set a reasonable goal for steps made during the day and do whatever you can to reach that goal.

You’ll be surprised at your own feeling of accomplishment when you reach these small goals and that will build your confidence. This is called setting yourself up to win. With greater confidence in yourself, you can reach for higher goals and win some more. Who knows, before you know it, you may just lose a few pounds!

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