Selecting a Theme

My neighbor recently completed a 30-page scrapbook titled: “Recipes and Memories.” It features a slew of family recipes handed down from generation to generation. The layouts also include personal stories that detail why the dishes became family favorites.

The book looks amazing. There is no doubt that she spent an incredible amount of time crafting it. In fact, she revealed that it took her a lot longer to put together than she had anticipated because she had to interview fellow family members in order to get the recipes and the stories behind the dishes.

When I asked her what theme she is planning to tackle in September, she looked at me with a pained expression. Turns out my neighbor is planning to take a month off from scrapbooking before shifting into high gear to create holiday memory albums.

Personally, I don’t think she’ll make it that long.

My neighbor is an extreme scrapper who can’t go a single day without creating a layout. She just needs to find the right theme. I suggested she craft a book dedicated to her love of scrapping. After all, she has a passion for the hobby that rivals Rosie O’Donnell.

She could include journaling blocks that reveal how scrapbooking has changed her life and how many times during the course of a day she thinks about potential layouts. I know for a fact that it is in excess of 10 times a day because she tells me when she comes up with a new page title while grocery shopping or driving from home to church.

“A true scrapbook addict is one who stages photographs to match paper she likes.” I lifted that quote from an actual scrapbook about scrapbooking. It illustrates the lengths that some scrappers are willing to go to follow their passion. If you are an extreme scrapper I would suggest communicating this devout love for the craft through page titles, photo selections and embellishments.

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