Send Someone A Free Box of Kleenex

kleenex February can be a brutal month, weather wise. If you live somewhere that is currently covered in snow, you might be fighting a battle with this year’s common cold, or flu bug. If you live someplace warmer, there is the chance that you are dealing with seasonal allergies, as things start blooming, and spreading pollen into the air. Either way, you and your family are going to need some kleenex. Right now, you can show someone that you care about them, in their time of need, by sending them a free box of kleenex.

Personally, I am suffering from allergies and a potential sinus infection as I am writing this blog. My kleenex box is right here next to me, within reach, and becoming emptier by the minute. Even when I’m “well”, I still go through a lot of kleenex.

Is your family suffering from the common cold? It’s amazing how quickly that can spread from one person to another. Classrooms of young children become quite the petri dish of germs, especially during cold and flu season. All it takes is for one parent to decide to send their kid to school when he or she is too sick to be there, and suddenly, every kid in the classroom catches that cold. If your child got sick from exposure to germs or viruses at school, it doesn’t take long before that cold spreads to everyone else in your family. All of you are going to need a lot of kleenex.

You probably know a lot of people who are suffering from some form of cold, flu, or allergy right now, who could really use another box of kleenex. Why not send them one? Kleenex is doing something right now called “Softness Worth Sharing”. Sign up, and you can send someone a free box of kleenex. Kleenex has three good reasons why you should do exactly that. It shows someone that you care about them. It doesn’t cost you any money at all to do it. It gives someone a kleenex box with a special, colorful, design, that you won’t find anywhere else.

You can only send one package of kleenex to one person, so choose wisely. This offer is good until March 31, 2011, and you cannot send a box of kleenex to an address that is outside of the United States. If you want to, you can use their “Map of Sharing”, and watch your chain of sharing grow.
Achoo! Achoo! Need a kleenex?

Image by MissMessie on Flickr