Senior Missionary Series: Entering the Missionary Training Center

You’re on your way! The day has come to enter the Missionary Training Center. Young elders and sisters enter on Wednesdays, but seniors, whether couples or singles, enter on Mondays. You were set apart to be a missionary about a week ago, and now you’re ready to really begin your missionary experience.

When you arrive at the MTC, you’ll see many other tearful families saying goodbye. This is a time of sorrow and also a time of joy as you go off to serve the Lord. Perhaps your children have come with you, bringing along your grandchildren. This can be particularly difficult, knowing that those children will be twice as big when you get home, and that you’ll be missing important milestones in their growth and development. But don’t forget—the Lord has promised special blessings to senior missionaries, that their families will be blessed while they support you in your endeavors. You will miss each other, that is true, but you won’t regret the time you spent in the service of the Lord, and when you return, you can catch up on all the doings in their lives.

After you say goodbye in the lobby, your luggage will be taken by the helpful MTC staff, and you’ll be shown to your room. If you are a single sister, you will meet your companion shortly. Of course, if you’re a senior couple, you already know who your companion will be.

Your room will be small and simple, with two single beds, a wall with closets, a small private bathroom, and a desk area. It’s fairly Spartan in decoration, but you won’t be spending much time in that room, anyway. Your time will be taken up with classes, which we’ll discuss in the next blog.

As a senior missionary, you have a little more leeway than the young elders and sisters do. If you have family in the area, they may come see you in the lobby of the MTC, and they can even take you out to dinner. You get other perks the younger missionaries don’t, such as being able to keep your regular e-mail address without having to change to an approved server. Given the age of responsibility you have reached, the Church respects and trusts that you’ll adhere to the rules you’ve been given without quite as much shepherding as the younger missionaries receive.

Get all unpacked in your new room—soon your rigorous schedule will begin. You are truly a missionary now.

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