Serving in the Relief Society: Compassionate Service Leader

Another calling in the Relief Society is compassionate service leader. The compassionate service leader is in charge of coordinating all the service that needs to be done. She helps to assign sisters to take in meals, find babysitting and coordinates volunteers for other activities. She will work closely with the Relief Society president to help the sisters in the ward.

My mother served as compassionate service leader for several years while I was growing up. I remember that she was on the phone a lot more than usual. A compassionate service leader does spend a lot of time on the phone. If there is a sudden crisis like a death in the ward, she may be on the phone all evening trying to coordinate all the efforts that need to be made.

You can support your compassionate service leader by helping when you are able to. There are times that you are not able, and it is okay to say no. It is important that you help when you can though. Compassionate service leaders work in different ways. Some will pass around or email lists to have people volunteer to serve. Others will call and ask. Most try to rotate the service opportunities through all the sisters in the ward.

The compassionate service leader plays a vital role in helping us help each other. She can coordinate efforts for those in need. She helps to make sure that real needs are being met. The Relief Society president will let her know who needs what type of service and she makes sure that it is completed. A compassionate service leader should be discreet as well.

At one time or another we will all have contact with the compassionate service leader. We may be in need of service or offering it. Try to be courteous of when you call her. Remember that she also has family concerns to deal with. Be respectful and patient in your dealings with her. It can be tiring to coordinate the meal for after a funeral, people to sit in the house and meals leading up to the funeral. She really does work hard.

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