Setting Scrapbooking Goals for the New Year

For whatever reason, when December 31st rolls around each year, I have this insistent need to create resolutions in my life to follow the next year. Of course, like just about everyone else, I don’t always follow all of them. However, I am a goal setter, and often times this is the way I can accomplish more. Instead of resolutions, I tend to call them goals.

Setting goals in your personal life is one thing, but why would anyone set goals for scrapbooking? The reasons are simple – it allows you to focus clearly on what it is you want from your scrapbooking and it can encourage you to set goals and then keep them.

Last year I set the goal to end the year with 365 new layouts. A layout a day for one year. It didn’t happen. My objective was not to simply scrapbook everyday, but it was to get that many layouts done so I could start to catch up a little. I’d really like to get my children’s albums done from when they were much younger.

This year I am going about goal setting just a little differently. First, I am not making my layout goal quite as big. I will be happy with a more focused goal – I would like to complete their albums from their first year of life. I will set a sub goal, for if I get that finished, which I believe I will. The sub goal will be to then get at least half of their second year of life albums complete.

I am also going to try something that many other scrapbookers have been doing. A photo a day. Except I am taking it one step further. Not only do I hope and plan to take at least one important photograph every single day for the next year (I actually truly believe I can accomplish that!) I also plan to take one portrait photograph monthly of my kids, and one of all of us. We seem to be lacking those types of photographs.

As is every year, I also am planning to get more organized, and I’m almost there. I have the necessary means to get organized I just have a few other items that need some adjusting and some spare time to get them organized and stored.

I know the key to goal setting, is to make the goals attainable. This is why I always have sub goals to follow as well. Oh, and what do I do with these goals? I create a layout of course. It is always the first page in my yearly scrapbook albums. That oddball first page that nobody knows what to do with? More about that in a later article.

So what are your scrapbook goals this year?