Setting the Mood in Your Scrap Area

Recently I read an article about the sensory elements that create a perfect room. Many times we focus on the colors and design of the room only. We forget many of the other sensory elements that go into the final design. Since I have been discussing scrap rooms and areas, I thought perhaps I would provide a little advice and some tips.


The visual sensory element. There are so many different types of light you can look into for your scrap area. Obviously good lighting is important while creating your scrapbook pages and layouts, so proper color and coordination is the focus. However, consider placing some ambient lighting or track lighting within the room. Candles are also great for ambient lighting, so if you like candles, that is a great way to go. Using ambient lighting might help boost your creativity, relax your mood and get you thinking and focusing more on your layouts.


The aroma sensory element. Candles, pot-pourri, flowers, incense or whatever aromatic fragrance style you enjoy, can be the perfect addition to your scrapbook room. Think about cutting fresh flowers; the scent and the visual appeal with spark creativity. Find candles in fragrances that appeal to you; the scent and lighting can be covered at the same time.


The hearing sensory element. Relaxing music, soft and serene. Or perhaps you need a little lift so something a bit more bouncy with a nice beat or rhythm. Music has been used to boost concentration and focus for years, so why not include some in your scrap area. You might use exclusively classical music while you are creating layouts or perhaps you enjoy just tuning in your favorite radio station or popping in a favorite CD. Sometimes finding music that fits the mood of your scrapbook layout can help too. A little Christmas music can really help you create the mood you might be searching for while working on Christmas pictures.

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