Setting the Scene of Your Scrapbooking Get Together

Setting the scene of a scrapbooking get together entails a lot more than just decorations. Since most of the time when you are getting together, you are doing it to scrapbook with each other.

It is important to think also about room set up and where to put tables, what type of tables you need, how much space each person will need to spread out and other conditions affecting the general set up of your scrapbooking get together.

Folding card tables are pretty popular among scrapbookers and can typically fit two very comfortably at each. So, if you are inviting seven scrapbookers you will need four folding card tables to ensure that everyone has enough space and is comfortable.

You will also want to consider lighting. Proper lighting is the key to beautiful scrapbooking pages. The dim light can often make colors look different and thus putting two colors together, in a normal light might not look like such a great idea. If there is any way you can bring lights or lamps in from other rooms, that is a strong suggestion. You will want it to be as bright as possible. If any of your scrapbooking friends happen to have an OTT light, have them bring it along and then supply extension cords so they can plug it in.

You will more than likely want one longer, larger table put somewhere in the room that can hold extra supplies. This might be tools that you are planning to share, items you have for sale, or even a table sale where everyone brings things they don’t want anymore and they can place them on the table and swap out for things they do want.

For eating purposes, I strongly recommend that you have your kitchen table set up with drinks, snacks and other food items. It would be a good idea to keep this as far away from the actual scrapbooking layouts and supplies as possible. Thus ensuring no accidents happen.

So do you have scrapbooking parties or crops? How do you set up your room?