Setting Up a Scrapbooking Crop

You have decided that you want to host a scrapbooking crop, and we are going to naturally assume that this will take place at your home. This is a really fun way to get together with your girlfriends, have a blast, share ideas and get some scrapbook pages complete. There are many steps to creating a successful scrapbooking crop, and we will delve into those as we go along.

The first step in the whole planning phase, after selecting location and for this article, we are going to be assuming it is at your home, you will now need to choose where in your home you plan to host the crop.

There are several different ways you can set this up. If you have your own scrapbooking room, and it is large enough, you might be able to host the whole thing in there. However for most people this is not possible. The kitchen, dining room and living room are popular places to host a crop. Some scrapbookers who host crops enjoy using their garage with a heater for the winter and fans for the summer, or even moving everyone into the basement. Regardless of where you decide to host this in your home, you will need to do some setting up.

Tables and chairs are a must for a scrapbook crop. Depending on the number of those in attendance, you will probably need to borrow some folding tables and chairs from friends, family, neighbors or even those very scrapbookers.

Keep in mind that most scrapbookers like to spread out, so while I do not suggest a separate table for each cropper in attendance, I would suggest keeping enough space to allow them to spread out. You can place the tables closer together to keep chatting and girlfriend talk close by, and still allow for workspace.

A favorite way to set up folding square tables is to place them together to create one large square made up from all of the tables. This allows you to place two people per table, one on each corner, maximizing workspace but allowing individuals to see what others are working on, as well as keeping conversation active.

If you are having trouble setting up tables, or you find that space is limited, you can also check into community centers, libraries, churches, and other locations to host your crop. Some will do it for a small fee, and others will allow you to use their location for free, especially if you advertise it allowing others who might not be in your group to join you.

What is your favorite way to set up a scrapbook crop using tables and chairs in your home?

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