Setting Up Your Scrap Area or Scrapbook Room

Setting up your scrapbooking area can be lots of fun. Especially when you have some of the latest and greatest storage options and a really pretty gallon of paint. Here are some ways you can get started setting up your scrap area.


Purchase a can of paint. Find a pleasing color that makes you relax and feel creative. Lighter colors lend themselves nicely, and make the room have a very relaxing feel. Paint the walls in the room you plan to scrapbook. Just adding a splash of color can really boost the appeal of the room.


Begin by filling the room with your storage items. You might first sit down and draw out a plan of how you would like your room to look. You can get ideas from message boards and galleries at many of the popular scrapbooking sites.

Table and Seating

Once you have put the storage items in place, you will need to figure out where your table or scrapbooking surface should go. Some scrapbookers have a kitchen island put into their scrap spaces because they like to scrap standing up. Some prefer a table with lots of chairs or simply just a desk so they can have their computer or laptop nearby. This is a personal preference, so you will need to decide what you like the best.

Scrapbook Areas and Rooms

Over the course of the next several weeks here in the scrapbooking blog, I will be sharing different scrapbooker’s spaces with you. Regardless of size, space or budget, there is something for everyone to try. I want to help you obtain the scrapbook room of your dreams, or at least something that you can work with and enjoy.

Special Situations

If you have a specific situation, and would like help solving it, leave me a comment and I will see what I can do. I want to help everyone have a nice scrapbook area.

Can You Help?

If you would like me to showcase your scrapbooking room, you have some clear photographs and don’t mind telling me about what you did, contact me. Your room could be showcased right here on

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