Setting Up Your Workspace

No matter what type of home business you are running, it is a good idea to have workspace. This is space that is specifically set aside for the particular type of work that you do.

I do realize that it is not always possible to have this. It wasn’t until my husband finished a room in our basement that I finally got my workspace. Even then, the room isn’t strictly limited to my work. It doubles as a TV room.

However it does contain my desk in one corner and no one is allowed in the room while I am working. I also made sure that my workspace is fully functioning so that I can find everything I need right where I am.

Depending on your business, a desk might be the workspace you need. For others you may need a table, an easel or counter space in your kitchen. No matter what type, try to find some way to set aside that special space just for you and your work.

Of course you want to have handy all of the tools you need for your home business. My most essential tools are my laptop, printer, lined paper, pens and my filing basket that contains my work.

We used to keep the printer upstairs in another room. Then my husband finally purchased a nicer one that stays in my workspace. Remember what I said about fully functioning. If you have to go to different areas of your home for things that you need, then you are not dealing with fully functioning workspace.

I also think it’s a nice idea to add something personal to your workspace. It may be a picture, a scented candle, an inspirational calendar or a special knick knack. I keep a picture of my sister and me on my desk.

I also utilize a bulletin board which I think can be helpful to anyone. Not only do I keep important notes on my bulletin board but if I receive an encouraging word or something inspirational I include that as well.

I remember one of the first things I pinned to my bulletin board was when I was just starting off in the field of writing. It was an article from a magazine about a woman whose blogging career took off. It was very inspirational to me and served as a reminder of what I could do.

When its time to work, it is so nice to go off to your own workspace. Look for some creative ways that you can set up your own work space.

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