Seven Habits to Raising or Teaching Successful Teens

I think that all middle school teachers would agree that the teen years are some of the most confusing and stressful years of a child’s life. During the teenage years, children struggle with beginning between childhood and adulthood.

While being a teenager is tough, raising one (or teaching one) can be equally as hard. Some parents give into struggles and let their teens control. Others create too many struggles and their teens turn to defiance. Knowing exactly how to handle your teenager can be difficult.

Sean Covet gave some great tips on raising a successful teenager in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. In his book he addressed seven habits to help your teen succeed. These habits should be encouraged both at home and at school.

In his book, Covey suggests that teens be taught that they are ultimately the one responsible for all of their actions. It is often too easy for teens (and other children) to blame others. Parents are also often quick to want to blame another child for their child’s actions. They do not like to admit that their child may be at fault. A successful teen understands that he/she is in control of his/her actions. A successful teen learns that choices have consequences.

Teens are usually unsure about what direction they need or want to take in life. Some teens seem to be wondering about aimlessly. Help your teen set a goal in life and create a map on how to achieve this goal. Guidance counselors are great for helping teens create a path for their future. If your teen seems unease about having help from parents, talk with the school guidance counselor about setting up a meeting with your child. When a teen has a goal in life, he/she is more set in values and opinions and is less strayed by others.

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