Several Frugal Indoor Options for Entertaining Your Children This Winter

Entertaining children indoors all winter long can be a difficult challenge. But there are some standard, run of the mill ways you can help keep them entertained in addition to some of the unique ideas I’ve been providing and will continue to offer over the remainder of the week.

Here are a few simple and traditional ideas:

– Give them a puzzle to complete. All of our kids are older so they enjoy puzzles with at the very least 500-700 pieces. If you get a puzzle that’s big enough, they can all work on it together.

– Grab a few craft ideas of the Kids Crafts Blog and have a crafting day. Or better yet, with the holidays coming up, have them make some gifts or Christmas cards.

– Provide a box of toothpicks, or several, some marshmallows, popcorn or other interesting item and allow the kids to create structures with the toothpicks.

– Teach your children a new craft. For instance, cross-stitch or sewing are both projects that take a fair amount of time to practice. You’ll be amazed at what even a seven year old can do.

– Gather up several odd items. For instance a kitchen spoon, a bottle of shampoo, a package of pet treats and a shoe. Have the children act out stories using the strange items you’ve combined. Typically the stories are pretty darn funny and can lead to other exciting games like “charades”.

– Buy or make your own Mad Libs. These are always kids favorites and not only are you having fun, but they are learning their parts of speech at the same time!

– Have a board game marathon. Everyone plays a chosen game. The winner of that game then chooses another game. Everyone plays again, and the winner of that game chooses the next game. And so on and so forth until you get tired of playing games.

Just think, all of these ideas are free. You might have to purchase a supply or two for one or two of them, but nothing that would break the bank. Have fun as a family during the winter months when you are locked indoors. You’ll be amazed at the personality traits and other interesting facts you will learn about your individual children.

Visit the frugal blog each day this week to get more ideas for family time and indoor things to do!

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