Sewing on Your Layouts

Including real stitching on your layouts has been a popular technique for many scrapbookers. It gives a softer and more delicate look to your creations.

Even if you don’t have a regular sewing machine, you may still be interested in including stitching on your layouts. Rather than make the large investment in a big sewing machine with many bells and whistles, here are a few other options.

Good old needle and thread. One option is to pull out some thread in a coordinating color that will go with your layout. Use a paper piercer to punch tiny holes where you will want the thread to go. This will make the sewing much faster and easier. I suggest first sketching your image onto the paper before piercing it.

Sew Craft Mini Sewing Machine from Provo Craft.

This little sewing machine actually did better than I expected since it retails for only $9.99. It did take a little practice to get it to do what I wanted it to do, but it was sufficient for what I needed on my projects. This does only sew in a straight stitch with a set length, so if you will need more options, this may not be the sewing machine for you. You can buy bobbins of thread in many colors that will work with this machine.

Janome “Sew Petite” Craft Sewing Machine.

This is a great light weight sewing machine that is perfect for papercrafters. It will do a straight stitch in 4 lengths and a zigzag stitch in 3 sizes. This is able to sew through 6 layers of lightweight fabric and also sews on cardstock. This retails for $80, so if you are really interested in adding stitching to many projects, this may be the sewing machine for you.

If you are thinking that sewing with a needle and thread just isn’t for you, you can check out these blogs for alternative ideas for creating stitched looks on your layouts.

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