Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler (2006)

erI’m afraid that despite my efforts to review the VeggieTales videos in order, I’ll have to skip around a little bit. They aren’t always available in the order they were released.

Today I offer you “Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler.” This video teaches us the importance of treating our friends with kindness.

The first segment is called “The Asparagus of La Mancha.” Archibald Asparagus plays Don, the owner of a restaurant. He works hard every day to keep the town fed, with the help of Sancho, portrayed by Mr. Lunt. But one day they get bad news – a Food Factory is being built across the street. How can their little restaurant ever compete with a big chain restaurant like that?

Don begins to have strange, and even impossible, dreams that he should go and attack the Food Factory. But then his good friend Sancho discovers that Don’s traditional bedtime snack of hot salsa is giving him bad dreams, and they are able to think of a way to save their restaurant, working as a team. Based on “The Man of La Mancha,” you will pick up on a few subtle tie-ins to the popular play.

Then we come to “Sheerluck Holmes,” played by Larry the Cucumber, who is a bit egotistical. While his friend Dr. Watson (Bob the Tomato) is very helpful in solving mysteries, Sheerluck never gives him credit for his part. When they are called to solve the mystery of the missing Golden Ruler, and Sheerluck once again claims all the glory, Dr. Watson decides he’s hitting the road. He doesn’t need this. Sheerluck realizes how much he needs his friend, and that he should have been allowing Watson more of the spotlight.

Our “Silly Song with Larry” is a very silly song indeed. “The Gated Community” is a satire on the way some Home Owner’s Associations keep things so regulated and pristine, they are almost immune to everything in the world around them.

Be sure to add this video to your VeggieTales collection today. (Or tomorrow, or next week . . . just as long as you do it.)

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