Shocking School Discovery

I was very shocked to come across a news article detailing a very unusual discovery made at a school in Phoenix on Friday. I have heard of many strange things occurring at schools before, but I think that this one is a first for me.

One school in Arizona got a surprise Friday and a burglar’s plan did not work out so well.

A plumber was called to Sierra Vista Elementary School in Phoenix, Arizona Friday to investigate a terrible odor in the cafeteria. It was soon discovered that the foul odor was coming from a dead body in the air conditioning duct system on the school’s roof.

A worker in the cafeteria had noticed the smell earlier in the day and called for someone to check it out.

Police think that the man was attempting to break into the school through the ductwork and got stuck. He then died.

No one is exactly sure how long the body had been there but due to the smell; they think that it has been there for a while.

The 550 students at the school were already scheduled for early dismissal on Friday. Many parents were in route to pick-up their children by the time that the school officials began notifying parents of the discovery.

The school has an automated system that notifies parents in cases such as this. Many parents were surprised to see police and reporters at the school when they arrived. The school held a lock down but never did evacuate the children. The students that did not go home before lunch were allowed to eat in the library.

The school has planned for a psychologist to be available for students on Tuesday when classes resume.

The identity of the man was not released.

Hopefully the children will not experience emotional stress due to this discovery.

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