Shoes Have Taken Over

Why is it that the more clutter I get rid of the more we seem to have? I try to tackle all the obvious things but the things I overlook are taking over the house. Like shoes and jackets. It’s that time of year when warm clothing takes over the house. Since it is bulkier and takes up more room it looks like even more clutter than it is.

My house is where shoes go to multiply, I’m quite sure this is what is happening. Only two people live in my house, the fact that we are both women who love shoes may be part of the problem. There are shoes everywhere. In the family room, in the kitchen, by the front door, and of course, in the bottom of our closets.

I keep a mat behind the front door for us to put our shoes when we taken them off. The problem is we each wear a different pair every day so at the end of one work week there are ten pairs of shoes behind the door. At least. And those are just our work shoes, that doesn’t count the slippers and casual shoes we wear after work.

Every Saturday I return all the shoes to where they belong and the following Saturday they are all in a big heap by the door again. I’ve tried everything, my daughter and I are just shoe lazy, there is no other explanation. Now I’ve decided that we each get a plastic bin behind the door, this will at least corral the shoes and keep them from wandering all over the floor and it will also make them easier to return to our rooms. I’m hoping that with enough gentle reminders (and a few strong ones, if necessary) we will both start putting our shoes away a little more often.

However, I am worried that once Hailey’s bin makes it to her room it will never be seen again.