Shopping for Father’s Day Gifts for Wayne from the Pets

Yesterday I wrote about Murphy, Kitty, and Tabby’s dilemma over what to get Wayne for Father’s Day. Like I mentioned, I sort of already have in mind what I want to get him, but I’d also like to give him a little something especially from the “kids.”

The trouble is, that’s hard. At Christmas, I lucked out and found the “Dog Dad” and “Dog Mom” shirts at Personal Creations. I hopped all over that and got him a “Murphy’s Dad” shirt for Christmas. But finding something from the cats and/or Murphy that’s specialized like that? Hard.

If he was a coffee drinker they have “Agenda for the Day” mugs that apply to either cat or dog owners. But he’s not. He rarely uses mugs, except maybe a couple of times during the winter to have a cup of cocoa or tea.

However, they have Family Character Magnets that look promising. They offer dog and cat magnets in addition to mother, father, grandma, grandpa, sister, brother, and baby sister and baby brother. They’re even on sale now for $4.95. But how often does he really use a magnet? Sure, he’d see them on the refrigerator every time he opened it, but would he get the kick out of it that I would? Likely not.

No, I need something more practical. Something he can use. Like a necktie. (Hey, it’s the traditional fall back Father’s Day gift right?) Personal Creations has Dog Breed Neckties that can be personalized with the dog’s name. Trouble is, Murph’s a pound hound, not a true breed. (He’s got either bluetick coonhound or Australian Cattle Dog in him, but neither are selections for the ties.) Plus, that leaves Mr. Meow and Tabby out.

Well, I’m not having much luck at this shopping thing. He might just have to settle for whisker kisses and tail wags to go with his cards and whatever I give him from me.